This code describes the nature of practice and indicates the demands on professional technical-scientific English-Spanish translators registered with AATT.



1. Professional practice of technical-scientific translation extends to complete, partial or abridged translation of documents from English into Spanish or Spanish into English, for private or corporate clients, in voice, paper, electronic or other media.

2. The translation of private documents (notes, letters, articles, journals, leaflets, reports, web pages, magazines, books, etc) and public documents (officially registered texts like contracts, laws, birth and death certificates, etc) is limited to private use and publication.

3. Technical-scientific documents are texts that contain linguistic items from the jargons of the sciences and techniques, rather than plain or literary language, and are therefore the proper essence of technical-scientific translation.


As a registered technical-scientific translator, you shall act, at all times, in such a manner as to:

1. respect the dignity of all clients, and respond to their need for translation, regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, personal attributes or ideology;

2. serve the interests of clients and society justifying public trust and confidence;

3. acknowledge any limitations in your training or competence, and decline any duties or responsibilities unless able to perform them in a conscientious manner;

4. ensure that no action or omission on your part, or within your sphere of responsibility, is detrimental to the faithfulness of the translation;

5. work in an open and co-operative manner with colleagues, experts and clients;

6. protect all confidential information concerning the client and the document translated, and make disclosures only with consent, where required by the order of a court or where disclosure can be justified in the public interest;

7. assist professional colleagues, in the context of your own knowledge, experience and sphere of responsibility, to develop their professional competence;

8. maintain and improve your professional knowledge and competence;

9. uphold and enhance the good standing and reputation of your College, Association and profession;

10. report to AATT any changes in your status or contact details.