Solicitud de membresía

La Asociación Argentina de Traductores Técnico-Científicos nuclea a los profesionales de la traducción especializada de la República Argentina.

Join the AATT

To join the Argentine Association of Technical-Scientific Translators, you must be a graduate from a College of Higher Education or University College with a degree in technical-scientific translation.


The documentation (letter, photographs, ID, college diploma and transcript) should be handed in at the headquarters of the AATT, Calle 6 Nº 843 - 1900 La Plata - Buenos Aires - Arg., or sent by registered post. Once the AATT acknowledges receipt of the documentation, you will qualify to enrol for the 'Deontology and Professional Formation' webinar.

On completion of the 'Deontology and Professional Formation' webinar, you will qualify to register with the AATT.

Registration gives you the right to be listed among the professional technical-scientific translators on the Official Register page, and to use your ascribed Register Number on your translations for life.

Registration also grants you the right to receive translation-related information (newsletters) via e-mail, including indicative rates for plain, technical and scientific translations.

Additionally, you will be entitled to access the Association's Online Translation Resources and to have your technical-scientific English-Spanish translations certified by the AATT as being in compliance with the ISO international standards, for as long as your Active Membership lasts.

Some final points for your consideration:
  1. Application for membership of the AATT may be submitted at any time of the year.
  2. The 'Deontology and Professional Formation' webinar is a new-member requirement which consists of several modules of reading material and an evaluation instance following each module. All the activities are carried out online.
  3. The cost of registration at the AATT is a one-time expense and the license to use your Register Number and professional stamp is for life; yet, if you are willing to remain an Active Member (i.e. one whose translations are certified by the AATT), you should renew your active membership periodically.