The Instituto Superior del Traductorado was founded on 16 April 1995 in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the purpose of advocating the creation of and imparting an official translation degree course structured to satisfy the demand of those who need technical translation for their professional or commercial development.

Its origins are found in the 'Basic Translation Course', which had been implemented a decade before by the Linguistics Department of New Oxford Institute with outstanding academic results.

During the years 1995 and 1996, a team of specialists from New Oxford, led by the Linguist, Translator and Professor Hugo Torres, drafted the course syllabus of the Official Translation Degree Course and requested the educational authorities of the Province of Buenos Aires its recognition.

On 23 December 1996, the Department of Education (Dirección General de Cultura y Educación) passed the Degree Course 'Traductorado Técnico-Científico en Lengua Inglesa', Res. 9,632/96, the first official translation degree course in the history of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The new degree course was implemented the following year in a monitored experience whose outstanding results earned the Instituto Superior del Traductorado recognition of degrees under the authorization number DIEGEP 5649.

Thus, the Instituto Superior del Traductorado became the first and only college of higher education in the country, specialized in the formation and accreditation of professional technical-scientific English-Spanish translators.

Some of the innovative features that characterized the Official Degree Course were all subjects delivered in English, a compact timetable, a flexible course syllabus, high specialization and permanent assessment of the learning process.

In 1998, the quality of the Degree Course impelled the Department of Education to extend the working field of the Traductorado's graduates to the teaching of English in schools (Res. 878/98), based on the Dictum N° 3055 of the Committee of Degrees Classification (Tribunal de Clasificaciones de la Dirección de Cultura y Educación).

Today, the working fields of translators graduated from the Instituto Superior del Traductorado-DIEGEP 5649 covers the widest range of options: from official translator at government offices, international organizations, publishing houses, laboratories and the mass media to teacher of English at Primary and Secondary.

The creation of the Argentine Association of Technical-Scientific Translators (AATT) in the year 2000 was an important landmark in the history of the Traductorado. The AATT represented and promoted graduate translators within an institutional framework and initiated them in professional practice. At present, it is the leading association in technical-scientific translation and gathers professional specialized translators from all over the country. Moreover, the Association keeps the Official Register of sworn technical-scientific translators.

Among the AATT's activities to promote translation, it has developed a community extension scheme called TSE international (Translation Skills Examinations) which are free, supplementary English tests offered to Primary and Secondary schools in the Province of Buenos Aires. These international examinations have become an invaluable articulation between the Primary and Secondary levels of Official Education and the Instituto Superior del Traductorado-DIEGEP 5649, to a degree that they were made extensive to the rest of the provinces and Spanish-speaking countries.

A Spanish version of the TSE international, for English-speaking countries, was introduced by the Association with the aim of commemorating its 10th Anniversary (TSE for English Speakers) and consolidating the international character of these examinations.

In the year 2009, the original Drafting Team of the Official Translation Degree Course started a reconversion of the programme in order to give the Degree Course a new Course Syllabus which would highlight its proven qualities, favour inter-curricular methodology, restitute integratory evaluation and consolidate the specificity of the curriculum.

The new proposal was passed by the Department of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, Res. 293/10, and constitutes the present Degree Course 'Tecnicatura Superior en Traductorado Técnico-Científico en Lengua Inglesa', in compliance with the National Education Law 26,206 and the Technical-Professional Education Law 26,058.

The official character of the Degree Course as well as the sound history and prestige of the Instituto Superior del Traductorado-DIEGEP 5649 guarantee the recognition of our graduates in all the pertinent fields in the Argentine Republic and abroad.

Our graduates project the history of the Instituto Superior del Traductorado-DIEGEP 5649, with their daily sacrifice, honesty and decorum, in favour of a world without linguistic frontiers.