Traductorado Técnico-Científico en Lengua Inglesa


Dirección General de Cultura y Educación - DIEGEP 5649
Calle 6 Nº 843 (48 & 49) - La Plata - BA - Argentina
Telefax (+54) 221-421-1181

Ministerio de relaciones exteriores

International Recognition
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dirección de Educación

Res. 293/10 Official Degree
Department of Education


Ministerio de Educación

Law 26.206 National Validity
Ministry of Education


Welcome to the Instituto Superior del Traductorado's Educational Portal. The site has been designed to provide prospective students with overall information on our Official Translation Degree Course, 'Traductorado Técnico-Científico en Lengua Inglesa' ('Technical-Scientific Translation in English Language'). It also houses online resources for our students and graduates.You are kindly invited to browse through, and send your questions or comments to: