Working fields WORKING FIELDS

The degree ‘Traductor Técnico-Científico en Lengua Inglesa' issued by INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DEL TRADUCTORADO-DIEGEP 5649 is tertiary, official, and has national validity and international recognition.



  • A translator for publishing houses, the mass media, computer networks, international organizations, companies and laboratories. (Qualified by Res. 9632/96)
  • An online and free-lance translator. (Qualified by Res. 9632/96)
  • An oral translator in conferences, seminars, presentations, congresses, and bilingual events. (Qualified by Res. 9632/96)
  • An English teacher at state and private schools: Primary, Secondary and Polimodal. (Qualified for the Official Listings by Res. 878/98)



  • A compiler of English-Spanish texts.
  • A Bilingual Executive Secretary.
  • A coach for the New Oxford and TSE International examinations.